Medicus, an app that has launched various portals which work towards enhancing communication between different branches of medicines has paid closed attention to the needs of doctors and has come up with a platform which is exclusively meant for doctors.

Through this platform, doctors can easily locate each other which is essential as specialization restricts their knowledge. So, they can get doctor’s advice online, discuss different cases, solve queries, take second opinions with a doctor, pool in ideas & inform one another about latest researches. After registering in here, they can also chat with each other which would hasten the process of solution seeking. This global doctor’s chat app bridges the gap between recent advances & researches taking place all over the world and the doctors. As now, it is just a click away.

Thus, it will be a great help to them in becoming aware of the work policies and functioning across the seas.




We aim to empower pharmaceutical companies to provide digital innovative services that will modernize/revolutionize the patient healthcare with collaborative action from various participants, make medical world better and facilitate the quantum leap.


There’s no magic formula for great company culture. The key is just to treat each other, how you would like to be treated. We aim to carry the torch high like a harbinger and believe in setting examples that our teams pick up and propel forward with vigour.


To provide a holistic potent environment enabled by a technology platform for Doctors, Pharma companies and Distributors to come under a single roof and exchange their best practices, knowledge and information to foster a sea-change for the betterment of patient care.


To bridge the medical universe by connecting all partakers through technology and digital platform and creating an effective ecosystem

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